Meet the Rasmussen’s!

Our Christmas Card from 2008

So our youngest, Callie, excitedly came to me this morning and announced, “The Christmas tree tipped over!” 
Following behind was her sister, Cassie, who added, “The tree fall down!” 
“How did that happen?”  I asked initially irritated.
“We knocked it over!” they both chimed in (should talk to their lawyer.)
The old me, (from yesterday) would have gottnen mad and rattled off a series of unanswerable questions for three year olds, “Why did you do that?…”
But the new me, the new me with a new BLOG, realized this is perfect material for my blog, thank you little children.
Read the “About” page to find out  about the characters members of my family.  Our infertility story is posted on my other blog,, which is geared to provideing support for those going through infertility and/or adoption.  This blog is mainly to make you laugh.
The main photo above with all the kids sitting on the couch was taken just a few days ago.  I was just brining laundry to the kids’ rooms and found them all lined up playing nicely after all their homework had been done and their rooms were nice and neat.  What a wonderful Kodak moment (OK that is totally untrue, but they have come a long way from the 2008 Christmas Card photo…OK that was staged too but you have to admit funny.)
I figured this is a perfect time to start sharing about my life after our long journey with infertility.  With the holidays around the corner and families at center stage this can be a stressful time.  So this will provide some needed laughter and at least you can say, “Well our family isn’t THAT crazy.!”
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