Warm and Fuzzy Feelings

Apparently that warm and fuzzy feeling you get when you hold your baby for the first time or hear your adopted son’s first english word is not sustainable.  Apparently those warm and fuzzy feelings are interspersed with OTHER feelings and there are entire days that are what I call “feed, clothe and shelter” days.  Well yesterday morning was a “feed, clothe and shelter” morning which was disappointing because I was anticipating it being one of those warm and fuzzy moments. 

Josh and Johnny had their 4th grade breakfast at school.  This is an annual event, one for each grade, where the kids come into school an hour early, eat a special breakfast and then perform a short singing concert (4 songs).  I WAS looking forward to this but the night before both boys were fighting and that morning did not go well.  Johnny came in to make his lunch and he does everything in super speed.  It is especially pronounced in the morning.  Anyway, yesterday he was pumped up about the event so he was in extra super speed and pulled out the box to make his lunch and the bag of CHEX ended up dumping everywhere.  We don’t cry over spilled milk at our house, we just clean it up.  So I told him to clean it up, but to him that meant picking up only the pieces bigger than a quarter so I had him do it again (which as you know was met with a smile and “Oh, I’m so sorry I missed all those other pieces, let me fix that now.”

Then I went to get Josh to let him know it was time to go and what do you think he would be wearing on a day that he will be standing in front of the families of the entire 4th grade?  Yes, you are right a pair of jeans with a big hole in the knee.  I didn’t even know he owned a pair of jeans with a hole in the knee so I pictured him running and sliding across the carpet in his room this morning just to create the hole for his proud mother who has a thing about what people think about her (and her capabilities of mothering) based on how her kids dress.  Don’t get me wrong, they don’t have designer clothes, and jeans are actually their dressiest pants, but I’m just looking for navy fleece, navy pants, clean socks, hair not looking like you came out of a wind tunnel.  Of course my request to have him change was met with “Oh, I’m so sorry mother, let me wear something more suitable for this special event.” and quick compliance…

I had Jerad take the boys to school first and then I brought Lexi in time for the concert.  They went up on stage and I was feeling guilty for not feeling all warm and fuzzy.  But I looked around the room and saw all these parents.  Some were intently watching their kids, video cameras running, while others casually chatted, while others seemed to be having a coffee break in the hall.  I figured it out.  By the time your son gets to fourth grade you have seen this program 4 times before (with slight variations in song themes).  Your son no longer has the cute factor (he is not missing his front teeth and singing “All I Want for Christmas” in fact at fourth grade most of the kids have their adult teeth but not their adult heads yet, get the picture?).  And he may or may not be all that excited about singing “This land is my land…”.  So I cut myself some slack and imagined that the scene that played out in my house that morning was probably pretty similar to the one that played put in kitchens around our town that morning (and probably most towns). 

By the time the boys sang their last song I felt better and conjured up some luke warm and fuzzy feelings.  Jerad and I congratulated them after their performance and gave them hugs and it turned out to be an enjoyable event.


P.S.  As I’m writing this, Speed Boy whisked his full bowl of cereal off the counter to carry to the table and spilled half of it on the floor!!  Again, I can just smile and say, “Well that will be good material for my blog.”

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