Not Participating in Daylight Savings

Cassie and Callie (our three year old twins) have decided not to participate in Daylight Savings this year.  They haven’t consciously (or verbally) indicated this decision but ever since the time change they have just stuck with getting up at the same time.  So instead of getting up between 7-7:30 they are now up between 6-6:30 (for someone who is not a morning person that is too early).  They’ve also started coming into our room when they get up and climbing into bed with us (because there is nothing else to do that early in the morning when the rest of the world is complying with the agreed upon TIME CHANGE).  I’m pretty sure Callie is the culprit, she gets up and then gets Cassie up because Cassie usually looks like me when she comes hobbling in (Why did you just get me up?).

Anyway, the other morning they come rambling in with all their “stuff”.  Callie travels light and just totes her blankie around every now and again but Cassie has her Blankie, stuffed raccoon, flamingo Beaine Baby, Thomas the train and, after she has climbed into bed, on my side, something that’s making a crackly sound.  Too tired to investigate I hope they will lay down and go back to sleep (does that ever work?, really).  But then I feel something on my back and roll over to find she has a whole roll of Ritz crackers, that are open, with her!

Some people start their day with a quiet time, meditation or prayer.  Highly overrated.  Cleaning up cracker crumbs in your bed, that is the best way to center yourself and start the day right.


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