A Tender Moment

So we had to take my oldest to a cookie making event for the Jr. High church group.  Jerad was working late so I loaded up all the kids  in the mini-van and we headed out.  It was snowing and the trees were starting to get covered in white flakes and feeling festive I put on come Christmas music.  The Jr. High youth group was making cookies for foster kids and kids whose parents were in prison.  Whenver the concept of foster kids come up I always worry what my adopted kids think about it.  I want to give them the “we’re a forever family” speech.  So I was all ears when Johnny spoke up, “Mom?” he paused, “a bunch of us were talking after lunch and I was wondering if you wax or pluck your eyebrows?”


Apparently a few of the kids were chatting  that day and that was the topic?!?  They had told him that if you don’t pluck or wax you would grow one long eyebrow like Bert from Seseme Street.

So instead of the “forever family” speech I went into a monolouge about facial hair removal, whcih led into man hair vs woman hair, which led into puberty…WAIT!

“Hey Johnny, do you have any questions about foster kids?”


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