No more squished bread

The big news today was that my grocery store got new carts that have TWO SEATS in them, side by side.  The new carts arn’t  in the shape of a race car or Cinderella’s carriage and they doesn’t have a built-in DVD player (I’m working on that invention) but now I don’t have to have one twin in the seat and the other “helping” organize the food in the back.  What are you supposed to do when your kid bites into the cheese slices making teeth marks in all 16 slices?  You can’t just put it back (well you could but you might have trouble sleeping).  I have actually had the check-out lady graciously offer to replace something the girls damaged (“You know your hamburger buns each have a finger poke in them, let’s get you a new bag.”) playing dumb on how on earth that could have happened.  That was sweet.

So now there are no excuses!  Thank you to the Cart Committee!


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