Snack Girl!

This morning Callie woke up and excitedly announced she was “Snack Girl!”  This is the preschool job that involves bringing in the snack bucket, dispersing the napkins and snack at snack time and being line leader.  She was so excited she was dressed, hair brushed, shoes on, jacket on, backpack on and ready to go by 7:30am.

I was jealous.  I did not wake up this morning yell, “I’m Stay-at-Home Mom!’ and proceed to quickly embark on my day.  Nor are their mornings where “I’m Toilet Cleaner Woman!” or “I’m Fight Breaker-Upper Gal!” come out of my mouth.

Her enthusiasm was contagious and there are days I’m more excited about my role for the day than others.  This was a bright spot in my day and as I shared it with others it spread some smiles.

For Callie’s sake, “Snack Girl” does look good on a resume.


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