Positive Reinforcement


I had to bring one of the older kids in to the doctor this morning and I didn’t have a sitter so Cassie and Callie tagged along.  While we were waiting I gave each of them a stack of flashcards with animal pictures on them.  It was new so it kept them occupied.  After they had looked throught he cards they started to quiz each other on the cards,


“What’s this?”


“Good job!”

“What’s this?”

And they took turns with respective cards and I overheard a lot of praise, “Nice job!…Good!…Yep!”

I didn’t see the cards they had but started to pay attention becasue it was so cute.  That’s when I furrowed my brow.  Cassie held up a moose and Callie said, “Deer!”…”Good job!” Callie held up a badger and Cassie said “Skunk!”…”You’re right!”  The black bear was a polar bear, the whale a dolphin.  All close but most of the answers were wrong!  Should I correct them or let them continue to build each other up?  I decided to let it go since it was so darn cute.  They know cat, dog, squirrel and hamster so if we run into any other animals on our way to Target I will just have a teachable moment then.


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