Ugly Sweater Day

Today on my “To Do” List was: find an ugly sweater.  Joey, the oldest, is now part of the Jr. High church group and they keep coming up with these wacky events.  In October they had the “Slipper Formal” where the kids got dressed up in nice clothes (which meant something other than track pants for Joey) and they wore slippers and ran around the big mall.  Tomorrow night is “Ugly Sweater” Night and the kids are supposed to wear their ugliest or funniest Christmas sweaters.  The youth group has way over 100 kids so does that mean there are 100 moms running around town scavenging thrift stores looking for snowman and reindeer sweaters?  I think so, because I wasn’t able to find any, I’m too late!!  I understand that the competition for teenagers’ attention is fierce so inviting kids to come learn about Jesus on Wed. night just doesn’t cut it anymore, but come learn about Jesus, wear an ugly sweater and win a 12 pack of Mountain Dew is more appealing.  Apparently if they can draw the kids in with fun they will keep coming back and it seems to be working.

I have one more day to complete my challenge and I WILL find and ugly sweater for my son (either that or sew some christmas ornaments onto one he has.)


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