Done-in by the Name Tag

“Whose kid is that making faces in the front row of the Christmas Program? Seriously, parents are so permissive these days kids just get away with everything.”

That’s what I wanted to whisper to the mom next to me during the small Christmas Program for the 3,4,and 5 year olds at the Wed night program at church.  The only problem was it was MY kid.  I could have played innocent like I do at the grocery store, “These are my sister’s kids.”  But she was wearing a NAME TAG (at least for most of the program until she took it off and stuck it to her face during song three).

I felt a mixture of embarrassment and pride.  Being funny is one of our family values, taught unconsciously, so some all of our kids like to be in the spotlight.  Some are better at it than others but they are not boring.

The big Preschool Program is next week and now I’m nervous!  They won’t be wearing name tags but they will be waving really big and shouting “Hi Mom!” and you can’t ignore that!  Thankfully the preschool director sent out a notice to parents reminding them of the unpredictability of a three-year-old Christmas Program.  I think I’ll carry a copy with me and if anyone gives me any looks that question my parenting abilities I can whip it out and smile.


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