3-Year-Olds on Stage

  Today was the big Christmas Program at Preschool.  The girls did great!  There was some squirminess and some standing when sitting was recommended but overall they did great.  Lots of waves, lots of , “Hi Mom, Hi Dad!” most importantly lots of big smiles. My parents were able to join us and the girls were so pleased, waving to Nana and Papa in the audience as well.  The first preschool Christmas program we went to was 9 years ago!  It’s hard to believe we only have one more left next year.  This is such a precious age.  After that the next preschool program will be through my eyes as a grandma (many, many, years from now).  

There were a few kids that left the stage to chat with mom, a few that never sang a word and some that mingled in and out of their spot.  What I realized was that everyone is really glued on their own kid and enjoy, maybe even envy the spontaneity of this age. 


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