Merry Christmas!

The kids are all home today (day 1 of 11) and I think we’re ready for Christmas.  We will have the in-laws over Christmas Eve and my family on Christmas day.  It’s nice having it here because the kids are used to it and know the routine.  It’s less stress for them (and me).  The gifts are wrapped and ready to go and all the food is bought except the Christmas Ham. 

Today we made Christmas cookies.  I made the dough yesterday so they got to do the fun part of rolling out the dough, doing the cookie cutters and decorating (and of course eating).  Ran into a couple of problems:

1.  In preparing to make cookie cutter cookies forgot to inventory cookie cutters, we have none:

Resolution:  use the playdough cookie cutters, the Christmas alligator, seahorse and hamburger

2.  The last person child that used the rolling-pin used it on red CLAY.  Did you know red clay does not come off a wooden rolling-pin? 

Resolution:  put cling wrap over the cookie dough before rolling it out

3.  Half a batch of penguins and giraffes burned because they got rolled too thin

Resolution:  A special treat for the birds and squirrels.

I think the kids had fun which is the point.  Sure was a mess to clean up after but that’s the way it goes.  Tonight I think we will load up the kids and drive around  and look at Christmas lights.  Sounds like fun but many of my “I know what would be fun!” ideas backfire due to the realities of a family of 8.

I hope you all enjoy the weekend and find some joy this season.

Merry Christmas!

Look for these on the cover of "Martha Stewart" next year (yes, that is a shark)


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