The Negotiations

The kids all got Christmas money from their Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt and Uncle.  I’m not sure who spearheaded it but someone suggested they pool their money and get a new XBox 360.  Some of the kids (the boys) were on board while others (Lexi) were not.  So for the last three days the negotiations have been going on.  Joey has been a walking commercial “The graphics are so much better than the Wii and the guys have arms!”

The main problem is they don’t have enough.  They want to get the Kinects too so the bundle is $299.  Joey shopped around on the internet and found a deal at Target that has the bundle for $299 plus you get a $75 gift card.

The boys have been trying to convince Lexi she should pool her money (Dad convinced her she should save her money for college).

“Lexi, you don’t need to save money for college that’s like 20 years from now!” one of the boys argued (Hooked on Math worked for me!).

“By the time you get to college you’ll have a million dollars so you won’t need to save now,” another chimed in (how exactly is that going to happen?)

Johnny, realizing the power that comes with someone wanting your money has threatened to pull his money and just buy Legos (several times).

Jerad offered the three boys to play double or nothing with a dice as a way to earn the difference.  Joey and Josh were like, “No way!”  Johnny raised his eyebrows and smiled and said, “Sure!”

 Cassie and Callie have hired an attorney (me, well I’m not technically an attorney but I’m watching out for their best interest which does not include purchasing an XBox.) 

Somehow we brokered a deal where I pay for the difference and then get to keep the Target gift card (which for me is essentially like cash).  So at 8:30 this morning before the crowds we all went to Target to get the XBox.  They were giddy.  I’m hoping to get 7 days of entertainment out of it and talking about negotiations, I’m guessing the power of controlling who gets to play and for how long has it’s benefits (hmm… the minivan could sure use a cleaning.)


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