IKEA: Table for 7 Please

So IKEA is offering free kids meals this week.  I love going to IKEA so I accept any excuse to go.  However, I framed it as a learning experience for the kids.  IKEA has several room layouts for very compact living.  They have apartments set up that are less than 600 sq ft with all the necessities often lofting the bed.  One extreme display had 3 bunk beds lined up, table and chairs, kitchen and storage for 6 roommates to live in a space less than 400 sq ft.  I looked around and told the kids, “Hey, there’s 6 of you, how about we turn the downstairs into this set up and Dad and I will live upstairs.  We could visit each other on the weekends!”  They didn’t seem to buy it.

Anyway the teacher in me had all the kids gather at the kitchen table before we left and had each kid draw their own floor plan on graph paper (I have the little templates for adding furniture to scale).  They each did one and I guided them with ideas of where to put the bathroom etc.  Their “homes” were 20 x 20 giving them each 400 sq ft of living space.  We’ve done stuff like this before (I’ve been an architect wannabe for a while) so they turned out pretty good.  Some things had to be rearranged and Johnny had a piano in the middle of the kitchen (he doesn’t even play piano but who knows) but overall I think it went well.

All 7 of us toodled around IKEA without upsetting too many people.  We got to see the floor plans and the kids got more ideas for their houses.   Their were workers there in the middle of building a replica of a house that was 588 sq ft that a family of four lived in, they must really like each other (the family of four, not the workers).  No one fell on the escalator, no tantrums were had, only one of us (me) got their heels ran into by the kid pushing the cart behind me AND they all got their free lunches.  Overall a productive outing.


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2 thoughts on “IKEA: Table for 7 Please

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