New Year’s Resolutions for Parents

Before making a bunch of New Year’s Resolutions that sharpen your parenting skills take this brief quiz:

Scoring:  Yes-5 points      Sometimes-3 points      No-0 points

1.  Do you feed your kids?    Yes     Sometimes      No

2.  Do your kids have a place to sleep with a roof?    Yes   Sometimes    No

3.  Do your kids have clothes to wear?   Yes    Sometimes      No

4.  Do your kids have an XBox 360 with Xbox Live streaming?   Yes    Sometimes    No

Now score yourself to see how you did:

  • 16-20 points:  Look, your kids have food, shelter, clothing, and the latest technology that retailers convinced them they need to be happy, way to go!  No need to make resolutions this year you are a super star parent!!
  • 10-15  points:  If you missed this one because of the XBox thing you really need to take a parenting class, if it was one of the others just work on it. 
  • Less than 10 points: If you lost points because you’re currently living in a tent which technically doesn’t have a roof that’s OK, unless you live in a dwelling that has a roof but make your kids sleep in a tent, you might want to make a resolution to change that.

Good thing this quiz didn’t come out last year I would have only gotten a 15!


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