The Power of New Tennis Shoes

So last week I bought new tennis shoes for my aerobics class.  It’s probably been two years since I’ve gotten myself new shoes but I still felt like I had to justify the purchase.  I convinced myself that new shoes will make me want to work out more.  And maybe if I work out more I will want to eat less…drink more water, save more/spend less, give more to charity, stop harping on my kids to wear clean socks, brush/floss after EVERY meal, volunteer in the school lunchroom, bring meals to shut-ins and open a homeless shelter for cats in my basement.  Then again maybe I’m entitled to buy new shoes every couple of years just because they look really nice.  (Plus the whole cat thing wouldn’t work, I’m allergic.) 


P.S.  I would say 90% of the folks in my aerobics class this morning were sporting new shoes.  I wonder what their aspirations were?

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