Lunch Bunch

The girls stayed after preschool for Lunch Bunch today for the first time.  It’s a program for the kids to stay an extra hour at preschool, eat lunch and play in the gym.  They were very excited being this is the first time they have gotten to use their new lunch boxes.  When I went to pick them up they were playing on the jungle gym and they both were carrying their lunch boxes with them!  The teacher said the name tag lady accidentally put Cassie’s name tag on Callie and vice vesra so when they were handing out the lunch boxes both girls were insistent they had the wrong one.  When the teacher noticed, it was resolved quickly.  Probably not the first time they will get mixed up (although they don’t look alike).  One of Callie’s favorite backseat games is to say “I’m Cassie”.  Cassie hates that and gets all mad.  What fun! 


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