Geography 101

After church on Sunday I took all the kids to the mall to get a new video game and then we stopped at McDonald’s for lunch.  Since the conversation that started revolved around how long one could go without using a toilet (I think it started with how long they were going to play their new game) I decided to change the subject.  Without remembering our New Year’s trip I said,  “This summer if we went on a road trip where do you think we could go if we got up every morning, loaded up the van, drove for two hours, ate lunch and then drove for tow more hours…and we did that every day for a week?”  Here’s the conversation blurting that followed:

Josh:  “Would we eat lunch at McDonald’s every day?”

Johnny:  “Hawaii!  We could fly there.”

Lexi:  “China!  But we would have to drive around the wall of China.”

I paused, raised my eye brows and then took a huge bite out of my McChicken to prevent some sarcastic remark to pop out, then I said, “I bet if you didn’t drink anything for a day you could go a really long time without using the bathroom.”


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