To Celebrate a Greate Civil Rights Leader we go Bowling

Today is MLK Day and every year to celebrate we go bowling.  There is nothing to read into it, no lifelong lessons connected between bowling and dreaming big dreams, no metaphors between equality, peaceful resolutions and throwing a round ball with holes in it at a bunch of pins.  It’s just become one of our traditions. 

It started a few years back when my mother-in-law invited us to join her and a couple of co-workers for lunch at the bowling alley across the street from her work.  So we order a big platter of chicken fingers, corn dog nuggets and mini-cheesy-chili dogs, eat and bowl.  We always bowl with bumpers and Cassie and Callie are on my team (they have that ramp thing that they set the ball on and let it roll down.)  This last year my mother-in-law retired so the bowling event may be rescheduled or relocated but the bowling must go on!  Even if some years we have to resort to virtual bowling on the Wii (or whatever new video gaming system is in).  But tradition is tradition.

So the kids associate MLK day with bowling and bar foods.  Not that far off from a giant bunny hiding eggs, right?

Do you have a unique holiday tradition your family celebrates?

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