This Just In: Boys are Different than Girls!

I made the girls a pretend play Cub Foods grocery store for Christmas.  It comes complete with playfood, baskets, carts (with room for their crying baby dolls) and a check out area with a cash register.  I imagined all the kids could play in the grocery store, the older kids running the register, restocking the shelves, helping the younger ones.  But of course once again there were a few discrepancies in what I pictured “Here, Callie, let me help you bag those groceries” and reality “Dude, look out, it’s crazy Mr. Jones with his cart out of control.”

I watched as the boys ran their carts around the room all crazy, pretending they were part of a shopping spree with food flying everywhere as the check-out girl, scanner in hand, watched helplessly.  In the same manner that doll house play inevitably ends with a tornado, this grocery store experiment helped me conclude my research and confirm my hypothesis: “Boys are Different than Girls.”  Now their ages may have something to do with it.  Our boys are getting a little too old for pretend play of this sort but they could certainly have helped their little sisters.  I think the ultimate research on this topic would be to give a pile of Legos to boys and girls and see what they build and how they play with it.  I always tease my oldest when he wants to show me the latest army sub he has built, I ask “So this sub is for bringing food to needy children on islands off the coast?  And all those guns on the sides are to help protect the food?”

So if you are a graduate student trying to complete your dissertation on gender differences, save yourself some time, copy this post and send it in.  (You can have your professor come to my house and observe for an hour if you want more proof!)


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