Fun Experiment

Here’s a fun experiment.  Take a hairbrush, preferably one with a curved back, and place it in your sink back side up.  Then crank on the water as high as it will go.  Do this while your mother is in the middle of cooking pancakes.  Her keen senses will alert her to the sound of water splashing much too loudly to be hand-washing and she will come into the bathroom to find your “experiment”.  She will notice the beautiful fountain you have created of spraying water and instead of congratulating you on your ingenious she will shut off the water, pull towels off the hooks and start sopping everything up.  Then her keen senses will alert her to the smell of smoke and she will be reminded of the pancakes she WAS cooking.  She will leave the soaking floor/child and rush to the kitchen to save the pancakes…too late.

Here’s a more fun experiment.  Sit on the couch and read a book while your mom makes breakfast!!


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