Retired Hockey Mom

Saturday was “Hockey Day Minnesota” so there was all kinds of hoopla at the rink and all over the state.  However this past year I retired as a hockey mom.  Johnny was in hockey for 4 years and Lexi was in it for 2 years and we agreed to take them out of hockey this past fall.  Here is a photo of Cassie and Callie before being dragged to one more practice.

Top 10 things I DON”T miss about being a Hockey Mom

10.  Trying to convince child that they love hockey and will enjoy this practice/game

9.  Trying to convince myself child should love hockey and will enjoy this practice/game

8.  Searching for missing _______________ (fill in with any one of the 25 pieces of equipment required to play)

7.  Arriving at practice (20 miles away) without one of ________________  (fill in with any one of the 25 pieces of equipment required to play)

6.  Chasing two-year old twins around the rink, consoling them when they cry after hearing the buzzer (buzzer goes off every 5 minutes)

5.  Retrieving stuffed monkey 2-year-old twin throws over the edge onto the ice (repeat)

4.  Finding 9-year-old literally crawling under the vending machine looking for money

3.  Getting begged for “just one treat” from the concession stand

2.  Managing the aftermath of giving-in to the request for one treat (which was a sucker) two-year-olds with suckers?  what was I thinking?

1.  Hockey?  Oh look there’s a hockey game going on!  Did you see Johnny just scored?  Of course not!

Disclaimer:  I love sports.  I even enjoy watching hockey but with everything else going on and the ages of the kids it is just a big zoo.  Maybe when they get older and if they really love the game I will come out of retirement.  I could also hire someone to be our hockey mom.  I’m sure there are some empty nesters that have been there and survived that would be up for the job.  Hey, outsourcing is in.

Swimming, now there’s a sport.  Suit, goggles, WARM environment.  Maybe that’s next.


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