Room vs. Fort

Yesterday the kids were home from school (grading day or something) so they got to decide what they wanted to do for the afternoon.  Lexi decided to make a fort.  She loves making forts and is really good at it BUT it usually involves hauling everything out of her room downstairs to the playroom, 5 blankets (where did she get 5 blankets?), pillows, Pillow Pets, every stuffed animal she has gotten since birth and MASKING TAPE. 

 “Lexi, I don’t want you using all my masking tape to tape your blankets to the wall for your fort.” Oh wait, that’s what I told her last time she made a fort, and the time before that and the time before…

(I need to get a safe with a retinal scan that holds masking tape, scotch tape and MY scissors in it.)

Back to the fort, she worked on it for quite a while and then came to get me for the unveiling.  It was really cool!  She lined up boxes on the side, draped her blankets, and the best part, added colored Christmas lights along the ceiling.  Looking at her creativity and precision I was curious how it was possible this fort could be so neat, so carefully planned and yet her room looks like a tornado went through it everyday.  Maybe we should move her out of her room and into her fort?  (She has a really nice big window in her room which would be an inspiring place for me to put my writing desk.)  She might be able to keep a 3 x 5 space clean, whereas her room is just sooooooo hard to manage.  However somehow I think “things” (pencil erasers in the shape of hamburgers, a wad of hot pink wax, a stack of tickets held together by a push-pin, a really long piece of orange yarn) would find their way into her fort as well. 

I guess creativity and living in a “creative” environment go hand in hand.  I just wish her creativity could be contained in shelves, closets and drawers!


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