‘Kipping in Church

I went to pick up Lexi from choir practice last night and I had the twins with me.  We got there early and had some time to kill so we wandered around a bit.  The girls were a bit antsy and started running around.  I reminded them when we are at church we need to be quiet and there is no running in church.  Callie looked at me with her eyes wide and then asked, “What about ‘kipping?” (She leaves off her “s” ‘s…’wimming, ‘chool, ‘kating…).”  I looked at the girls and they were both in a happy mood, not being reckless or wild so I thought God would probably approve of a little happy skipping in his house.  So I officially announced that ‘kipping was allowed at church if you don’t go too fast.  She was fine with that and skipped down the hall with her sister.


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