Super Bowl XLVI

My dad hosts a Superbowl party every year.  Sometimes at his house sometimes at ours but he is in charge of the planning, choosing the food (my mom does the cooking, whew!) and the infamous “picks and prizes”.  Each family member gets their ballot and has to pick who they think will win, along with who they think will win the coin toss, who will score first, who will lead at half-time (due to the nature of the football party participants-7 kids under the age of 10-the party ends at half-time) and a variety of other stats to bet on.  One year he added the length of the “Star Spangled Banner” (over or under a certain time).  He assures me people really can bet on these things. 

Anyway we all complete our ballots, even the kids when they were babies participated (blink once for Giants, twice for Patriots) one year I think the winner was a tie between Callie (age 2) and Chloe (age 3).  Look out Vegas!!  My dad then awards prizes based on who is ahead at half-time.  It always turns out that anyone over the age of 20 is not eligible for prizes which is all right because my dad picks up toys at the after-Christmas sales and each kid goes home with something pretty cool.

This year went pretty smooth despite the anticipation of potential chaos erupting at any time.  At one point my mom and I (primarily in charge of crowd control) snuck downstairs to look at her latest quilting projects.  After about 5 minutes you could hear the level of activity increasing upstairs and Papa announced “Where are the two little girl people?”  That was our cue to return to our post.

My brother, his wife and two girls were there too.  I always enjoy chatting with my sister-in-law.  While the kids were contained in the living room we got to spend some time catching up over chips and dip. 

My brother’s job was to ensure the viewing was “Family Friendly” so he was in charge of the remote.  He was instructed to flip channels anytime an inappropriate commercial popped up.  So anytime a scantily clad gal (or soccer star) popped up we watched “Undercover Boss” the Salad Episode.

With everything going on there was very little of the game I actually got to see.  I used to watch football, grew up watching with my dad and there were a few seasons I did on-line football picks (nothing like fantasy football, just picking who I think would win each week).  The last few years I haven’t watched hardly any.  A different season of life I guess.

When I told Callie we were going to Nana and Papa’s for a football party she thought that was the funniest thing, “A party for football?”  It is sort of odd tradition but a fun one none-the-less.  Today I will have to watch the best commercials and catch-up on what I missed.


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