‘Cooby Doo Valentines

I’m going to pick up Valentine cards for the kids so they can do them this weekend for their parties next week.  I asked Cassie and Callie what kind of cards they wanted, “Disney Princess?  Dora?  Tinkerbell?”  No, they want Scooby Doo (although they don’t say their “s” at the front of words so it’s ‘Cooby Doo.)  There are only 10 kids in their class so I don’t know how the other girls would feel about gettting more “boyish” cards.  For the older kids we’ve always gotten “boyish” cards and “girlish” cards and given them to the kids based on that but the fact of the matter is it doesn’t matter!  If they want to give out ‘Cooby Doo cards then that’s what I’ll do (“Here, lets add these cute lacey heart stickers to the envelopes.”).

When I was growing up…cards were enough, but now cards are accompanied by pencils, stickers or in some cases each Valentime comes with a small toy.  I suppose if it is your oldest child and you only have ten kids in your class that’s fine but take 6 kids times 26/kids class at a dollar-or-so a card that adds up!!  Not gonna happen.  I think the schools have banned giving treats (unless its like a Kashi bar or something) so that is out too.  I could always have the kids hand write a nice little note, “My mom’s got 6 kids to raise and money doesn’t grow on trees you know so you’re lucky you even got this card!  Happy Valentines.”  Probably not a big Halmark seller.

I always loved addressing Valentine cards and delivering them.  So it will be fun to do that all together this weekend.


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