Real Interview Questions

Friday night we went swimming at the community center and Lexi dove down to the bottom of the 10ft pool and touched the bottom for the first time.  She was very excited and proud.  So was the other kid  there who proudly announced with a toothless grin, “I touched the bottom, too!” 

Now those are accomplishments.  But these seem to get lost as we get older.  What if our resumes were full of stuff like that?  What if interview questions were a little more along those lines?

“So, Mr. Johnson, looks like you graduate at the top of your class, have an MBA  and you’ve been a senior manager for 8 years but can you ride down the street on a bike no-handed?…What about holding your breath for 30 seconds?…Have you ever drank a school-sized milk carton in one chug?…Ever stayed up past midnight before the age of 10?…Have you ever ridden EVERY ride at the amusement park?”

That’s where the heart of the interview should be.  That’s where you find out the true character of people.  Maybe political debates could follow the same format. 

I’ll let you know if this becomes the new standard practice.


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2 thoughts on “Real Interview Questions

  1. I have never ridden my bike down the street with no hands. Because I am a klutz and would have killed myself doing so. Due caution makes me better suited for Wall Street than some of those clowns.Why has no on ever asked me that?

  2. Good point, the answer to these questions may be positive or negative depending on the job. Probably don’t want someone who took their skateboard down the church steps as a kid, taking out your appendix.

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