The Forecast Calls for Rain, Sleet or Snow

I know this is Minnesota and we have crazy weather patterns but I have to laugh at the forecast for this big winter storm that is “supposedly” coming.  So the one weather station wrote the report that said essentially it is going to rain, sleet or snow (not sure which) and we will get anywhere from 1-18 inches of snow.  How vague is that?  It made me think of the poor kid at circle time tomorrow whose gets the calendar job, “So Jimmy what’s it like out today? (The umbrella picture…no the snowman…where’s the sleet picture?…Ahhhh…too much pressure.)

The kids all think they are having a snow day tomorrow.  My sources are a little shaky so we’ll just have to wait and see.


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2 thoughts on “The Forecast Calls for Rain, Sleet or Snow

  1. Bill

    Since your younger brother was a former meteorology major, please be kind to those who have chosen to predict weather in the most unpredictable region of the world (US Midwest). I’ll bet on days like this, those meteorologists wish they had cush jobs in San Diego:)

  2. Do they even need meterologists in San Diego… “Looks like it wil be 80 and sunny again today with the extended forecast being sunny and sunny followed by a chance of sunniness.”

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