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Top 10 Ways to Ruin Your Teenager’s Life: #10

As we’re pulling out of the driveway, Joey yells, “Just wait!”

“What?” I say as I keep going anyway.

“Stop, stop!”

I pulled over right in front of our house.

“What is the deal?”

“I’m gonna lose my connection!”  as he fiddled with his iPod (which doesn’t have mobile internet, yet.) “We have to stay in front of the house until I can send this text.”

It didn’t work, he lost his connection and we had to get going so I pulled ahead and we drove to church for Wed. night stuff.

“What was so important about that text?”  I asked as we drove on.

“I sent a funny text but forgot to type J/K so now she’s gonna be mad.”

Just on the verge of understanding the importance of the “texting generation” I made sure when we arrived at church he was able to get a connection and save the relationship.  It all ended with a peaceful resolution.


P.S.  Joey turns 13 in April.  I’ll be the mother or a teenager!!!  That is so cool.  (Or so “sick”.)

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Preschool Easter Party

Too cute!!

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The Ever-Popular “God” Coloring Book

“Callie, what did you do in Sunday School today?”

“I colored.”

“What did you color?”



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The 4 “P’s” of Spring: Parks, Playgrounds, Porta-Potties

Parks, Playgrounds and Porta-Potties…ahhh, spring is here.  We visited the first Porta-Potty of the season!  Wahoo!  The girls are three so instead of playing “Where’s Waldo” we will be playing “Where’s Biffy?” everywhere we go this spring.

On Wednesday we were at a park and the Porta-Potty bay was empty, not yet been delivered for the season, which meant a hasty trip back in the car to the Burger King down the block.  But by Saturday most parks had become fully functional.  Sure enough despite having each girl go before we left, Callie had to go when we were at the park.  All three of us, Cassie, Callie and myself all huddled into the small entryway inside the Porta-Potty and closed the door.

Dear Mr.Biffy,

If it wouldn’t trouble you too much could you please add an extra 8 sq ft to the space between the potty and the door for those of us who happen to have small children who need assistance to use your fine facilities.  Thank you!


Mrs. Rasmussen

So as soon as we get in there I do what my mother always did.  I yelled, “DON”T TOUCH ANYTHING!!!”  Now I know there are some parents that do not use porta-potties at all.  There are some parents that don’t use public restrooms at all.  There are also those parents who tell their kid to just go in the bushes and then they pretend like they just got an urgent call and didn’t notice their child’s childish action.  You know where you are on the Potty Spectrum.

Some kids (one of our sons to remain nameless) loved using the Porta-Potty.  I think he begged to go to the park just so he could use the darn thing. Just seeing one gave him the sudden urgency to pee.  If you got a passport stamps for each Porta-Potty you visited we would have filled our passport that summer.

The girls had no qualms about using the darn thing.  They didn’t seem phased by it.  They were just glad it didn’t have the automatic flusher (you know the ones that are activated while your little one is still on the potty and it scares them to death, setting your potty training back a few weeks?)

I suppose I could do a “Flat Stanley” type project,  taking pictures of me and the kids in front of Porta-Potties around the world (or at least the Twin Cities) but I’m guessing, in this creative world where people have way too much down time, someone has already done that.


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Fun Photo Friday: The “Snick Bar”

A "Snick Bar":  a snack bar for sick peopleTwo weeks ago our whole family was sick (minus one, whom it missed).  I set up the “Snick Bar” (a snack bar for sick people) to keep everyone hydrated and content.  It helped, but we were all still pretty miserable.  Makes you appreciate your health, that’s for sure!


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Agenda Item at the Library Staff Meeting

I’m sure our family is one of the ongoing agenda items at our local library staff meetings:

I.  Budget Overview

II. New Author Book Signing

III.  Mom with 6 loud/crazy kids

But really how many times can you say, “SHHHHH! This is the library you have to whisper!”  And there are a few of my kids who 1. Feel the need to talk all the time  2.  Don’t really have a whisper voice (you know what that attempted whisper sounds like, all raspy voiced but just as loud).

So lately we’ve been going the night they are open late because there are fewer people to annoy.  I’m waiting for the day when we come in the door to hear, “Code Orange, Code Orange” over the loud-speaker knowing that WE are the “Orange” and that the announcement alerts the closest lucky librarian to jump into action and greet us with “Mam, is there anything I can help you find?” which really means, “Is there any possible way I can expedite your visit so that you and your darling children can get what you need and leave in the most timely fashion?” (If you work at the library and are reading this you could try this and we won’t be THAT offended and it could save you some precious meeting time for other important agenda items.)

I’m also aware that our family is also probably an agenda item at Target (more so when the kids were younger and I’d haul all 6 of them to get a weeks worth of grociers…what was I thinking?).  The fun thing about Target is they have video surveillance of everything that goes on in the store.  I can picture the staff huddled around the flat screen, “Check out this family!  Watch what the brown-haired one does when the mom’s back is turned!” I’m sure they got a chuckle when I caught one of the boys re-sampling the samples that had been tossed in the garbage.  Mmmm!

I’m sure this is all in my head and somewhat ego-centric.  Most folks probably don’t notice us, or give a hoot, but I always feel like all eyes are on me, judging my core worth based on how my kids behave (I know I could save myself years of therapy if I would get over that one!)  If I am ever out and about and witness a family in distress I always give the reassuring “We’ve all been there!” and politely walk by.  I have been the recipient of that many times and it always helps.


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Classic Literature or Casino

I was helping Joey with his homework, he was working on proper nouns.  He read off a list of nouns and we had to come up with a proper noun for it:  “state-Minnesota, country-U.S.A., T.V. show-American Idol”…Then he read off a series of proper nouns and we had to say what the noun was:  “Bill Clinton-former president, Pacific-ocean”…and just when it was getting fun he read “Treasure Island” and I said “Casino”.  It took me a minute to think that maybe that wasn’t the right answer and instead they were looking for “book” based on the classic literature of Robert Louis Stevenson!  (I’ve never even been to Treasure Island Casino…although I’ve heard they have free child care and an awesome buffet…hmmmm?)


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A Visit from Uncle Bill

So my brother Bill came to visit on Saturday.  He is a youth pastor in Oklahoma and was up visitng for the week.  The kids were all thrilled to see him.  Bill got to play Monopoly with Josh and Johnny (the new fanagled electronic banking version), play with Cassie, Callie and their 15 stuffed animals/Pillow Pets, get informed about the hobby of Airsoft Guns with Joey, and go bug hunting with Lexi (which happened to be when I was trying to put the girls down for their nap and Bill said Lexi met his word-intake quota way before I came back out to join them!).  I even got to hold a somewhat uninterrupted converstaion with him for a few minutes.

Bill’s my little brother (guess I’m supposed to say he’s my younger brother now that we’re not 10 and 5) and I miss him, so it was nice having him visit.  We get to see him a few times every year and we chat on the phone (I know there is a thing called Skype but I’m a little behind the times still.)  It just remeinds me the strong ties that can come from families.*


*(I’m surprised he talks to me at all, after Tim (older brother) and I tied the arms of his footy-jammies behind his back when he was a kid and a couple other less-than-nice things older siblings HAVE to do to their little brothers.)

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Fun Photo Friday: The Joys of the Roller Slide

We have had unseasonably warm weather the last few days and it has been glorious!  Took everyone to the park and have been playing in the back yard all week.  This is a photo from last year at family camp, but they have a similar slide at a park near us.  The girls just love this thing.  If you get a bunch of people to go down it one right after another it can rally pick up some speed and the kids shoot off the end like a cartoon.  It made me laugh, and laughing on a warm spring day is good.


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Unique Names

“Pablo, Tyrone, time to go!”  I yelled at the McDonald’s playland.  My twin girls shot out of the swirly slide and came over to me to protest leaving.  I continued,  “But Pablo, we have to get home before the kids get off the bus.  Where’s your shoes?” 

The lady at the table next to me was giving me the look that said, “You named your two little girls Pablo and Tyrone?”

Of course we were just pretending.  One of their favorite shows is Backyardigans and their favorite characters are Pablo (a blue penguin) and Tyrone (an orange moose).  They call me Uniqua (the pink polka-dotted hippo-type thing).

But you do hear an array of names nowadays and pretty much anything goes.  So I try not to judge and some names grow on you after a while.  I wonder if people who were given unique names as children choose to name their kids unique names, or are they the parents of all the Emily’s and Jack’s?


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