How to Eat Rice with One Chopstick

Joey had to eat at a  Chinese restaurant for extra credit for one of his classes so I took him, Cassie and Callie to Red Moon Chinese Cafe over the weekend.   Joey’s been to the mountains, the ocean and Disney World but NEVER to a Chinese Restaurant.  Where did we go wrong? 

Anyway we went early to avoid any crowds and got to sit by ourselves in the corner which was good because Cassie and Callie are still pretty squirrely.  They each got a place mat that had all the Chinese Signs of the Zodiac and they colored in the ones they liked.  We found the Signs for all our family members and although Cassie, Callie and myself are all “Rats”  Callie insisted she was a Dragon (a pink dragon because that’s what color she colored it.)  Cassie said she was a “Snake” and spent a good 5 mins. making snake sounds as she colored.

After we ordered I asked the waiter if the kids could try some chopsticks.  He came back with a set for each kid.  When Callie opened her packet she said, “Here mom, you can have on, I got two.”  So nice of her to share however how impossible it would be to eat rice with one chopstick.  As it turns out the chopsticks were used for everything except eating, as you can imagine.

Joey and I got Orange Chicken and Cream Cheese Puffs and he had to write a little restaurant review when we got home.  For a 12-year-old his review was very professionally written.  I was impressed.  There was some mention of how one of his dining guests (Cassie) put too much soy sauce on his rice making it inedible (“yucky” was the word he used.) 

(I’ve heard there are some cultures where two adults go out to eat together WITHOUT ANY KIDS but that may just be a rumor.)

Joey seemed to have a good time and may or may not have learned what he was supposed to from this expereince but it was fun and we created some fond memories.



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