Unique Names

“Pablo, Tyrone, time to go!”  I yelled at the McDonald’s playland.  My twin girls shot out of the swirly slide and came over to me to protest leaving.  I continued,  “But Pablo, we have to get home before the kids get off the bus.  Where’s your shoes?” 

The lady at the table next to me was giving me the look that said, “You named your two little girls Pablo and Tyrone?”

Of course we were just pretending.  One of their favorite shows is Backyardigans and their favorite characters are Pablo (a blue penguin) and Tyrone (an orange moose).  They call me Uniqua (the pink polka-dotted hippo-type thing).

But you do hear an array of names nowadays and pretty much anything goes.  So I try not to judge and some names grow on you after a while.  I wonder if people who were given unique names as children choose to name their kids unique names, or are they the parents of all the Emily’s and Jack’s?


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One thought on “Unique Names

  1. My actual name is Divina (everyone calls me Dee) and I love classic names. My daughter’s name is Ruby but I also considered Alice, Lucy and Molly. I lost my mind for a second and thought I would Juniper Mint.

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