A Visit from Uncle Bill

So my brother Bill came to visit on Saturday.  He is a youth pastor in Oklahoma and was up visitng for the week.  The kids were all thrilled to see him.  Bill got to play Monopoly with Josh and Johnny (the new fanagled electronic banking version), play with Cassie, Callie and their 15 stuffed animals/Pillow Pets, get informed about the hobby of Airsoft Guns with Joey, and go bug hunting with Lexi (which happened to be when I was trying to put the girls down for their nap and Bill said Lexi met his word-intake quota way before I came back out to join them!).  I even got to hold a somewhat uninterrupted converstaion with him for a few minutes.

Bill’s my little brother (guess I’m supposed to say he’s my younger brother now that we’re not 10 and 5) and I miss him, so it was nice having him visit.  We get to see him a few times every year and we chat on the phone (I know there is a thing called Skype but I’m a little behind the times still.)  It just remeinds me the strong ties that can come from families.*


*(I’m surprised he talks to me at all, after Tim (older brother) and I tied the arms of his footy-jammies behind his back when he was a kid and a couple other less-than-nice things older siblings HAVE to do to their little brothers.)

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