Agenda Item at the Library Staff Meeting

I’m sure our family is one of the ongoing agenda items at our local library staff meetings:

I.  Budget Overview

II. New Author Book Signing

III.  Mom with 6 loud/crazy kids

But really how many times can you say, “SHHHHH! This is the library you have to whisper!”  And there are a few of my kids who 1. Feel the need to talk all the time  2.  Don’t really have a whisper voice (you know what that attempted whisper sounds like, all raspy voiced but just as loud).

So lately we’ve been going the night they are open late because there are fewer people to annoy.  I’m waiting for the day when we come in the door to hear, “Code Orange, Code Orange” over the loud-speaker knowing that WE are the “Orange” and that the announcement alerts the closest lucky librarian to jump into action and greet us with “Mam, is there anything I can help you find?” which really means, “Is there any possible way I can expedite your visit so that you and your darling children can get what you need and leave in the most timely fashion?” (If you work at the library and are reading this you could try this and we won’t be THAT offended and it could save you some precious meeting time for other important agenda items.)

I’m also aware that our family is also probably an agenda item at Target (more so when the kids were younger and I’d haul all 6 of them to get a weeks worth of grociers…what was I thinking?).  The fun thing about Target is they have video surveillance of everything that goes on in the store.  I can picture the staff huddled around the flat screen, “Check out this family!  Watch what the brown-haired one does when the mom’s back is turned!” I’m sure they got a chuckle when I caught one of the boys re-sampling the samples that had been tossed in the garbage.  Mmmm!

I’m sure this is all in my head and somewhat ego-centric.  Most folks probably don’t notice us, or give a hoot, but I always feel like all eyes are on me, judging my core worth based on how my kids behave (I know I could save myself years of therapy if I would get over that one!)  If I am ever out and about and witness a family in distress I always give the reassuring “We’ve all been there!” and politely walk by.  I have been the recipient of that many times and it always helps.


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