Top 10 Ways to Ruin Your Teenager’s Life: #10

As we’re pulling out of the driveway, Joey yells, “Just wait!”

“What?” I say as I keep going anyway.

“Stop, stop!”

I pulled over right in front of our house.

“What is the deal?”

“I’m gonna lose my connection!”  as he fiddled with his iPod (which doesn’t have mobile internet, yet.) “We have to stay in front of the house until I can send this text.”

It didn’t work, he lost his connection and we had to get going so I pulled ahead and we drove to church for Wed. night stuff.

“What was so important about that text?”  I asked as we drove on.

“I sent a funny text but forgot to type J/K so now she’s gonna be mad.”

Just on the verge of understanding the importance of the “texting generation” I made sure when we arrived at church he was able to get a connection and save the relationship.  It all ended with a peaceful resolution.


P.S.  Joey turns 13 in April.  I’ll be the mother or a teenager!!!  That is so cool.  (Or so “sick”.)

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