The True Meaning of Easter

A couple of years ago when Lexi was 5 I overheard her talking with her brothers about Easter.  The boys were going on-and-on about all the eggs that were hidden at Nana Jeans and the cash they found in their eggs and the Easter Bunny.  Lexi interrupted them and said, “You know, Easter’s not just about the eggs and the Easter bunny…” I paused hoping to hear a paraphrase of  a Sunday school lesson about Jesus being raised from the dead, but instead she finished, “…it’s about the candy too!”

This year she knows the real reason for Easter but also enjoyed some of the fun from the Easter traditions our family does.  We all did.  Saturday I took the three girls to the egg-hunt at church.  because it was raining, the turn out was small, so they got a pretty good share of the 1700 hidden eggs.  Then we had the Rasmussen side of the family over for dinner and enjoyed the Easter favorite of Famous Dave’s ribs.  We got to see Baby Claire, Jerad’s sister’s daughter, who is 1 now and walking.  Cassie and Callie loved following her around.  Nana Jean got all the kids big plastic eggs with treats and money in them so that was a highlight.  Then to wrap up the night Jerad and his dad went to get a special Easter treat…a new lawn mower!  (Long story, but it’s a really nice riding lawn mower.)

Sunday we went up to my parent’s house for Easter lunch.  My brother, his wife and their two little girls Savannah and Chloe were there too.  That’s a lot of people to have in a smaller space but it worked fine this year.  While the ladies cleaned-up Jerad took a couple of the kids out back to play.  Then a few more kids trickled out and then the neighbor kids came over.  So as I cleared the last of the dishes I looked out the back window to see Jerad with 14 kids with frisbees, soccer balls and kites running around.  I think my brother was out there too but we sent more reinforcements.

I was glad my mom hosted this year.  It was nice to just show up with my Peeps salad and “relax”.  She is a wonderful hostess and excellent cook.  All the ladies got to spend a little time chatting which is always refreshing.

Papa got the “Smurfs” movie (the “Muppets” was all sold out at Redbox) and the kids came in to watch that before we called it a day.

It was a nice Easter.  It is so much more manageable now that the kids are older.  I think everyone had a good Easter.


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