My Sweet Girls are 4!

Today is Cassie and Callie’s 4th Birthday!  We had a party at our house after preschool with all their friends from preschool.  It was really fun!  I always get way too sentimental at my kids’ birthdays but seeing as they are my youngest (and they were born so premature) I had the Kleenex out and everything.  They were just so cute opening gifts, “This is for me?” and took everything in.  Very grateful, very excited.  It was so cute.

They have come so far.  They were born at 26 weeks, three months early.  Cassie weighed 2lbs 2oz and Callie only weighed 1lb 14 oz.  Jerad’s wedding ring fit around Callie’s wrist.  It truly is a miracle that they both were riding their tricycles around our patio this afternoon playing with their friends.  Such a blessing.

Not to sound like the Academy Awards but I have to send a thanks out to all those who helped us during those first few months of their lives.  You know who you are.  Thank you so much.  From our friends and family that brought us dinners to those who prayed for us.  From the doctors and nurses at Blank Children’s that got them through those first critical weeks to the staff at Children’s in Mpls that gave them such outstanding care as they grew more stable.

And of course there are two special women that prove the greatness of human kindness.  Blessings to Karen, who volunteered to be a surrogate mom for us.  This started us down that road, and although our two attempts with her ended in an ectopic pregnancy and miscarriage, the remaining embryos from those IVF attempts were frozen and later became Cassie and Callie!

And Blessings to Lindsey who was our surrogate mom for Cassie and Callie and carried them for 6 months.  We couldn’t have asked for more from a surrogate or a friend!

So I guess I really do have a reason to have the Kleenex out, although this year it is tears of pure joy.


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