Bouncy Castle vs. Bucket and Sand

I love planning Birthday Parties.  Of course my husband reminds me I run around like a mad woman getting everything ready but that’s part of the fun (he would argue with that.)  Yesterday the girls had their first party.  We have done small parties with family before but this was the first time they invited friends and did the whole party routine.

So I planned all the activities in 5 minute increments (back to my teacher days) and it turns out the kids really just wanted to play.  We ate, sang Happy Birthday, did a treasure hunt, a short obstacle course and then they all just wanted to play in the sandbox, ride the trikes and run around in circles on the lawn.  It was so great!  So we never got to “Ships across the Ocean, Ships across the Sea, Diego, Diego you Can’t Catch Me” never played “Dora,Dora where’s your stone?” (it was a Dora/Diego theme party.)  I didn’t need the back-up craft in case we finished everything else early.  I got to sit back, chat with the other parents and just enjoy watching our kids together.

I have learned that when it comes to Birthdays sometimes simple is better.  Skip the bouncy castle, wait until their older for Chuck E. Cheese.  At this age they really just want to play with (or just next to) their friends.


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