“What a Bunch of Clowns!”

I hurried everyone into the van to get to church on time.  Jerad took Josh, Johnny and Lexi to the cabin for a day so it was just me, the twins and Joey.  So I was more relaxed in getting ready which was really nice.  As we drove to church I looked back and noticed Cassie hadn’t done her hair.  I know, she’s 4, she shouldn’t be responsible for her hair but she HATES having her hair done and she insists on doing it herself.  She’s the one with the curls so usually all she needs to do is get it wet and it curls up nicely to her head like “Annie”.  I told her to get it wet and then walked away to get my shoes and forgot about it.  So when I looked at her in the van it was clear she hadn’t gotten it wet.  It’s just long enough now that if it doesn’t curl up to her head it looks wild and, as I put it, “You didn’t wet your hair now you look like a clown!”  Not one of my best comments but my filter was off-guard having so few children to tend to.  Luckily, instead of damaging her ego she laughed hysterically, Callie did too and then she blurts out, “What a bunch of clowns!”  Joey and I started cracking up.  “Where did you here that?”  “Don’t know!”

Needless to say it was a fun trip to church.  God works in mysterious ways to make sure you lighten-up!


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