My Mission Statement: Get Everything Done

I know it’s a little general, for a mission statement, and nearly impossible to measure, but somehow I think if I can get everything done it will just be a matter of maintaining a well oiled system…(It’s not going so well.)  I want to organize all the kids clothes, organize all my clothes, clean every closet (stay tuned for the song with the same title sung to the Sound of Music favorite “Climb Every Mountain”),  get rid of everything we don’t use, seal the driveway, mulch the whole landscape, put in a new patio around the fire pit.  Then I want to organize the Tupperware cupboard, alphabetize my spices (that won’t take long…Garlic Powder, Pepper, Salt), patch and repaint all the scratch-n-dents in the walls from the kids.  I’d like to plan, build and maintain a garden that grows all the herbs (I’ve heard there are more seasonings than salt, pepper, and garlic powder) that I can use in my 3-month menu plan of organic health foods.  I want to make an emergency shelter in my basement supplied with bottled water, canned goods and a crank radio (as it is now, if there was a flood or other disaster I have enough stored up to last a family of 8 about 5 hours.)  I want to have all the kids’ activities scheduled and the carpooling choreographed for 3 months in advance.  I want to update my calendar with all my recurring events (I entered “Oil Change for the Van” on May 1st  and Oct 1st for the next 50 years!)  I want to put together a scrapbook for each child detailing every important life event.  I want to decide where I will spend my charitable giving money so when they call for x,y,z, I am prepared with a rote answer of “I’m sure x,y,z does good work but I’ve decided to contribute to ____.”  I want to buy clothes in the fall for spring and clothes for the spring in fall (big sales!)  I want to organize a date night and a girls night out every month.  I want to volunteer in all my kids classes at least once a month and coorcinate the school carnival…Oh wait…my kids…that’s right, I have six of them.  Hmmm, where do they fit into this?  I know there was one time I read a book to one of my kids.  And another day I gave one of my kids a hug.  Once I even sat down with one of them and colored a picture of Diego and some wild animal that I’ve never heard of.

I suppose in 20 years my daughter will not say, “You know mom, remember that day you seal-coated the driveway while Cassie and I watched Sponge Bob for three hours straight?  Those were special times.  Thank you for keeping our driveway as black as the Jones’.”  Then again all the money I save buying clothes off-season may be enough to pay for all the kids’ therapy.


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