“Mom Got Dropped-Off by a Guy in a Flatbed Truck!”

Now I know where they get the term “stay-at-home” mom.  Not hard to decipherer that one.  It means the mom stays at home.  In our case I have 6 other bodies to take care of while I’m home.  BUT this weekend was the annual Family Building Conference and I always volunteer to speak at one of the workshops.  That means I would be gone for 7 hours and need someone else to “stay-at-home” with our brood.  Usually I would have my parents watch the two little ones and have my husband wrangle the other four but the soccer team my oldest is on changed their plans after I committed to the conference and they decided to go on an out-of-state tournament the same weekend.  So my husband and Joey left for the soccer tournament on Friday and I started divvying up the kids.

My brother and sister-in-law took Lexi for the night.  They have two little girls that Lexi loves playing with.  Just for fun I had to remember to bring her Amoxicilyn due to the tick bite she got that ended up with “the ring of death”.  The doctors don’t think it is serious but boy does the internet scare you.  Lexi told me laughing, “When Uncle Tim gave me the medicine he picked me up and shook me!  It said ‘Shake Well’ on the bottle!”

I dropped the twins off at Nana and Papas house next.  They had their enormous back packs which I repacked for them and they were so excited.  We only stayed for a bit before driving back home.

I had Josh and Johnny with.  We pitstopped at McDonald’s on the way home for French Fries.  The boys were going to go with Jerad and Joey but the games were early morning and late night and the boys really need a pretty predictable schedule.  Plus Joey didn’t really want his brothers tagging along so it was OK.  It is a good thing they didn’t go because the hotel pool wasn’t open and it was rainy and cold most of the weekend.

Saturday I got a new sitter for Josh and Johnny.  One of the moms in my adoption group has a daughter that sits and she also has two brothers that are adopted from Russia.  She turned out to be fabulous!  The boys had a fantastic time and she did a great job following the schedule and keeping things mellow-ish.

So at 8:30 Saturday morning, with my family dispersed across the nation (or at least the midwest region) I drove to my conference.  The conference was great.  I did a workshop on bonding and attachment in adoption and then facilitated two others, one on IVF and one on International Adoption.  There was a great turn-out and it was nice to touch base with those whom I’ve connected with in the infertility/adoption world.

I left the conference around 3:00, all fired up and trying to shift gears.  The plan was to pick-up the boys and then head to my parent’s for dinner and to celebrate the girls’ birthday.  Half-way home the truck died.  Not good.  My husband took the mini-van on the soccer tournament and I had his SUV.  I was able to pray it off the highway and into the Sports Authority parking lot.  Called AAA and then tried to navigate the reunification of all my family members.

My parents, who live about 45 minutes away, were able to  pick-up Lexi from my brothers and drive all three girls home.  I called the sitter at home to see if she would be able to watch the boys longer.  I got the truck towed to a service station close to home and the driver graciously gave me a ride home.  His tow truck was one of these flat bed ones that carry heavier vehicles.  Josh and Johnny, already wound up from a day with a sitter literally climbed under the garage door as I opened it to greet me.  They thought it was so cool I got to ride in a tow truck.  Cool when you’re 10, yes, not so much when you have a couple responsibilities revolving around being able to drive.

When my parents arrived Josh blurted out, “Mom got dropped off by a guy in a flatbed truck!”  If you had not known the details behind that statement there may have been some red flags waved.

Despite the craziness that had transpired my mom carried in a box from her car.  Inside she had packed the 2-tiered birthday cake she had made for Cassie and Callie and their gifts and started setting up to celebrate their birthday!  We sang happy birthday, ate cake and watched the girls open their gifts, all exhausted but refreshed by their happy spirits.

So I love being a stay-at-home mom but when life calls me away from home I need a better plan.  I’ve heard of things called BABYSITTERS.  I’m sure there is at least one person in the area that is both capable and willing to watch all our kids at once.   It’s probably time to find that person.  If you have the Super Nanny’s direct line, let me know!



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