“Help! I’m the Mother of a Teenager!”

It’s official.  My oldest turns 13 today (Happy Birthday Joey!!).  Let the fun begin.  No more, “Mother may I help you with the dishes.” or “I’d rather stay home and play with my siblings than go out with my friends on Friday.”  Oh, who am I kidding, those things never happened in the first place.  Truthfully Joey will make being the mom of a teenager seem easy.  Just like when I would overhear the other preschool parents complaining about this-or-that tantrum or this-or-that appliance that got wrecked by their toddler I just smiled and nodded thinking, “My Joey doesn’t do any of that.”  Concluding, of course, it was because I was such a great mom!  Then came child 2,3,4…to prove me wrong.  The truth is I was blessed with an easy-going child the first time around and it will be nice to “try-out” parenting a teenager with someone who won’t put us through the ringer right away.  There are definitely some teenage tendencies I have noticed in him like his increased “need” for money (mostly for youth group stuff but whatever happened to going out for pizza vs. an afternoon playing paint ball $$.)  He also spends more time at activities or with friends than at home (hmmmm, who does that sound like?).  He is still enjoyable to be around and only uses the “eye-roll-grunt” occasionally so I hope that doesn’t change.  It is an exciting time.

Of course I will spend some time flipping through his baby book and remembering the day he was born, making me a mother.  A proud mother.


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