The 2nd Grade Concert

Not only was it Joey’s birthday yesterday (the girls and I got his birthday money in ones and spread it all over his floor to surprise him when he got home, he liked that) but it was also Lexi’s 2nd grade concert.  She had a one-line solo.  She did just great!  She stood up there with a few of her girlfriends and then sang her line.  It was very cute.  She’s 8 so she still has all the self-esteem int he world, “Didn’t I sound wonderful?  Don’t I look beautiful in this dress?”  Yes, yes and where does that go when you grow up?  I can’t remeber the last time I looked in the mirror and said out loud, “Wow, you look just stunning!”  I was proud she was brave enough to volunteer.  All the classes did a nice job and it looked like the kids were having a good time.

She has her church choir concert tomorrow night and Saturday night.  Look out American Idol!!


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