Red Mulch Marries Brown Mulch

Here’s something that’s not covered in pre-marital counseling (among about a million other things), what color mulch do you prefer for your landscaping?  Red mulch, brown mulch, cocoa bean shells or rock?  Is it a deal breaker?  Is it considered an irreconcillable differences in divorce court?  Maybe.  Our landscaping needed to be spruced up so we talked about what we wanted to do.  The idea of rock was brought up so we wouldn’t have to “talk” about mulch every year but I had a hard time spending almost $1000 on rocks.  If we ever were to go to a party everyone else would be sharing how they took the kids to Wisconsin Dells or just got back from Cancun and I would chime in, “We bought a lot of rocks.”  Kind of a conversation killer.

So we decided to compromise (see I did learn something from that pre-marital counseling.)  We got red mulch for around the house, brown mulch for around the trees and mail box and natural-wood mulch for the garden area in the back.  It actually looks pretty good.  Maybe $1000 for rocks isn’t such a bad idea if that is the price for Spring Peace.  Now should we stain the deck or get a new one that is maintenance free…


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