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And the Pictionary Award Goes To…

This weekend at camp we all went to the craft barn and Jerad was coloring and drawing with the girls.  He sketched an outline of the United States and asked the girls “What’s this?”  Cassie answered quickly, “A Pig!”  Guess we need to work a little on Geography (or Jerad needs to tweak his drawing skills?!?)


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She Shoots, She Scores!

8 year-old girls’ soccer.  Now that’s entertainment.  Especially when your daughter is one of the players.  These girls have come a long way from Kindergarten “soccer” (where the goal was to chase the ball around long enough to get to the end of the game where you get to have snack and play on the playground).  They are actually making passes and are focused (well that word may be too strong, maybe “interested” is better).  I got to help coach this group last year which was really fun so I know them pretty well.  They still do really cute things like pause after a play and wave to the crowd but I can see how much the girls have improved.

Lexi is one of those people who is good at just about everything she tries.  She has natural athletic ability and likes to do lots of different sports.  She’s versatile too, one year she switched from ballet to hockey.  She’s good at both.  I love sports too so it has been fun to watch her and I enjoy practicing with her.  Tonight she scored AND I actually saw it!  Usually I’m chasing a toddler or disciplining a sibling squabble, so it was great to actually see the play that led up to the score.  It makes a mom proud.  I better stop there so this doesn’t sound like a really long “My Kids an Honor Student” bumper sticker.

Anyway, great job team, you girls rock!!


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One Big Happy Family Camp

Every Memorial Weekend we go up north to Camp Lebanon (the church camp our kids go to in the summer).  This is the 11th year we have gone up there!  My parents go every year as do my brother, sister-in-law and their two girls.  So it’s kind of family reunion of sorts.  We stay in a lodge which is really quite nice, more like a hotel than a cabin and one of the best parts is the meals are included!  I don’t have to meal plan, shop, prepare, serve, OR clean up!  They have lots of activities for the kids and pontoon boats, kayaks, sail boats, fishing, swimming you name it.  Sunday night they always have a real camp fire with songs, smores and the infamous “Lion Hunt”.

There was a lot of rain this weekend but Sunday afternoon was really nice as was yesterday.  It was good to get away and enjoy time with family!

After it rained it rained followed by some rain.

Johnny and Lexi shootin’ pool with one of the camp staff.

The cousins teach the girls to fish.

Johnny tries the zip-line! Merrilee (my sister-in-law) and myself tried it last year. Very fun!

Nana with the girls. Nana and Papa took turns spending time with each of the kids. It was much appreciated!!

Callie took part of the fishing contest. Her 3″ Sunny didn’t win any prizes. Uncle Tim helps out.

A lovely evening on the pontoon. Papa, Tim and Chloe are on the other side of the boat.


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This week

I have asked my kids not to do anything cute, amazing, sweet or stupid for a week so I can take a break from the blog for a week.  It is the end of the school year…’nuff said.  Stay tuned for the details of our upcoming Family Camp expedition (we will not be wearing matching family T-shirts).  Have a safe and enjoyable weekend!!


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Cuz We’re Goin’ to the Zoo, Zoo, Zoo…

We’ve been trying to get to the zoo since Cassie and Callie’s birthday.  So today everything lined up and we met Nana and Papa at the MN Zoo.  It was a beautiful day and it wasn’t too crowded.  There were a few school groups but not too bad.  The girls really liked the monkeys, the fish and the dolphin show.  We even got front row seats (we got there right before it started and the front row is where you “might get wet”).  It was really cool to see the dolphins up so close and the dolphins had mercy on us and did not splash us!  On the outside trail they have an area where you can play in a big sand pit and dig up dinosaur bones OR climb to the top of the exhibit and scare your mom half-to death.  The girls were so enthusiastic about everything!  It was so fun to watch them run to each new exhibit.  We saw one of the monkey exhibits that had a baby monkey that was born on Cassie and Callie’s birthday!  It was nice to spend some time with my parents without competing with the whole gang.  These are the good days!!



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Sisterly Love

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Carpooling Math

Forget all that algebra and calculus, kids should be taught practical math skills like the following real-life word problem:

It is your turn to carpool for soccer.  You have an 8-passenger mini-van.  You have 6 kids.  You need to pick-up 3 more kids to drive to soccer.

Back in the day you would just load up the Luxury Log (a.k.a. wood-paneled station wagon) with as many kids as would fit, however there are some sort of seat belt laws or something nowadays so here is the correct answer:

Call your daughter’s friend’s mom early in the morning to see if she can give your daughter a ride home from Scouts and keep her ’til you get back.  Call the neighbor girl who babysits to see if she can watch the 2 preschoolers for the hour it will take to round everyone up and deliver them to their destination.  Remove one of the car seats to make room for additional teenager.  Have one son ride with, have one stay home with the sitter and drive other son and his three friends to soccer leaving two seats open for a hitchhiker and his preschool child (still had one car seat in place.)

The plan went off without a hitch (except for the part where the gas light went on, just for fun, before arriving at the game.)

The great part is one of the other parents was able to bring everyone home.

I actually enjoyed math in school so it shouldn’t surprise me that I enjoy figuring this stuff out.  Next year when Cassie and Callie start activities I will really be put to the test.  Bring it!


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Mommy, I Said “Rainbows”

You know how kids always have to “one-up” their brother or sister.  A couple nights ago one of the kids got sent to bed early for being disrespectful and so the other one came down and says, “Mom, I’m going to read my Bible for storytime.” (This was not a normal occurance so it fell in the brown-nosing category.)  Somehow kids must learn this.  I remember Cassie and Callie were having a week of trying out potty talk.  Nothing too bad but literally words like, “poop”, “toilet”, “potty” were being used as everyday nouns.  So I gave them a speech about how we should say nice words like “butterflies”, “bunnies” and “rainbows”.  It continued despite my best efforts (plus I think the experts say you’re supposed to ignore such a thing, however that theory may have changed since I read my last mom-help book.)  One day I overheard the two of them at the table and one of them started a conversation that conviently included the word “poop”.  Out of the blue Cassie yells, “Rainbows!”  I looked up and saw her smiling with a halo over her head, “I not say poop Mom, I say rainbows.”  (See they are listening!!)


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“Snack Bucket!”

“Snack Bucket!”  I yelled as I looked over at my husband pouring himself a glass of apple juice…the apple juice for the SNACK BUCKET tomorrow.  “That juice is for the preschoolers tomorrow…or at least it was.”  “Oh, sorry, it wasn’t marked.  Here you go,”  casually screwing the cap back on the juice as if the problem was solved.

Perhaps the struggles of modern-day mothers pale in comparison to “Betsy you’re gonna to have to make the girls’ dresses outta feed sacks again this year ‘casue the locusts ruined the crops”  but showing up at preschool without a snack on Snack Bucket day is comparable!


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A Beautiful Day

For Mother’s Day we went to my mom’s on Saturday for pizza and cupcakes and then up to Joey’s soccer game.  My parents watched Cassie and Callie during the game so I actually got to watch him play.  They won!  Then Sunday we were off to church and then to Culver’s to meet up with Jerad’s mom, and my sister-in-law, her husband and their daughter.  From there we went to Minnehaha falls.  We used to go there quite frequently but this was the first time the girls had been there and they thought the waterfall was something else.  We then went wading in the river.  The day was beautiful!  Finished up snuggling on the couch watching “We Bought a Zoo” with some of the kids.  A nice mother’s day to remember.



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