The Essence of Bonkerness

So it has been a really crazy week.  Of course I try to  appear that I have it all together but there were definitely ducks out of  row.  I am officially adding “Events Planner” to my resume after this past week.  So here is an example of what “a day in the life” is like.  Tuesday I had to swap cars with my husband because he was going to drive half the soccer team to the game in Isanti.  The kids had to be pulled out of school a little early.  We had to coordinate getting all their soccer gear ahead of time and I threw together a cooler of snacks.  Got the kids to school (no wait, got most of the kids to school, one had an unscheduled tantrum and had to be driven after he cooled his jets) drove to preschool, got a call from soccer son, “I forgot my note to get out early can you bring it?”  Drove to middle school dropped off the note.  Found out not all the kids from the team had their notes and followed up with their parents.  Shopped for food.  Picked up the girls from preschool.  Made lunch, played outside w/girls, did some chores around the house.  After school made snack, supervised the boys doing homework, connected with my husband to make sure all the soccer boys were ready to go.  Discuss the potential for bad weather.  Look up on the FEMA website what to do if you’re in the middle of a soccer field and a tornado hits, relay the information to my husband.  Made dinner, cleaned up dinner, drove to school to pick-up Lexi from Girl Scouts (I had to miss the Girls Scout weeding day which would have been fun).  It is Mom’s Night at preschool.  The four babysitters I usually use were all unavailable so I brought Lexi and Josh with.  They were to sit in the hall with their “fun bag” and “be good!”  Got to wear a paper plate hat, planted bean seeds, played in the preschool dollhouse and sang fun songs and danced with the girls.  Very fun.  No time to savor the sweetness, its off to Lexi’s soccer game.  Load up the kids, bring Lexi home to change, pick up Johnny, drive to the soccer game.  Arrive late.  One of the girls falls asleep on the way.  There goes an easy bedtime.  Get all our gear out to the field.  Notice giant looming clouds in the distance.  Take out snack, feed the kids (again), dispense medications and settle in to watch the game (while supervising the girls on the playground, watching Johnny juggling and keeping tabs on Josh.)  Watch Lexi dribble towards the goal and then hear the whistle.  Lightning in the distance.  Game canceled.  Everyone folds up their lawn chairs, grabs their blankets and heads for the cars.  I try to locate my children, my childrens’ shoes, my children’s’ third juggling ball, our snack bag, our “fun bag” and my purse and head for the car.  Get home put kids to bed (OK you know that is more than a one-sentence event but this is getting to be a really long paragraph).  Check the messages, “Cindy, we are on our way home.  The boys played most of the first half and then had to wait for the bad weather to pass.  The weather got worse so they canceled the game.  It is rescheduled for Thursday, same time.  I’m planning to drive again.”   “You’ve got to be kidding me!!!!”

So today, with a similar synopsis, we lived our life.  The boys got to play their game tonight and although they lost, had a good time.  Tomorrow looks similar.

We could always move to the country, homeschool and raise llama’s.  That might be a slower paced life.  Maybe just a different life…”Woke up, noticed the gate to the llama pen was left open, get on boots to chase down lost llamas…”



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