A Bus-full of Middle Schoolers

Friday I got to chaperone the middle school field trip to the Festival of Nations.  Thank you to my parents for watching the girls so I could go and to Mrs. M who babysat the girls before my parents could arrive!  I kind of volunteered myself to go, Joey didn’t exactly beg me to tag along but he didn’t roll his eyes and grunt disapprovingly either so I took that as a “Sure mom, I’d love to have you come.” in teenage translation.

We didn’t get a group of kids to herd around, the kids were learning to practice responsibility, so they had to choose a partner and were free to roam with their buddy checking in with us three predetermined times throughout the day.  I had 6 boys I had to keep tabs on and all of them checked-in on time, making as little eye-contact as possible, before taking off on their own again.  After the second check-in I think everyone had seen everything and done everything.  You really don’t want 300+ bored teenagers in one place for any reason.  Maybe next year they will shorten the trip.

Overall I thought the kids behaved really well.  I was nervous about the bus ride home (there was a lot of candy/pop and baklava consumed) but the kids seemed tired out and the trip home was pretty uneventful.  The middle school teachers seemed to have a wonderful grasp on what to ignore and what to let go.  A quick comment, “Suzie Q, how did your passport get out the window?” was all it took to convey the message.  They were masters at this.  Their feathers did not get ruffled at anything!  I’m so glad I got to go and look forward to attending this one when my other kids get that age.

It will be fun to compare this field trip with the preschool one to the Fire Station, some of the same nuances may be observed!


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