It was our weekly food gathering ritual and we stopped at Aldi’s to pick-up a few things.  You “get to” bag your own groceries there so I usually just throw everything in the cart, wheel the cart to the van and secure the twins in their car seats and THEN put the bags in the trunk and bag the groceries.  It took me awhile to work out this system but it sure beats having the girls “help” bag the groceries (bread on the bottom, milk on top).

So today I load the girls in, walk to the back of the van and stare at the cart.  Where are my bags (I choose paper, but only because we also use them as our garbage and recycling bags so we don’t have to buy additional garbage bags- this environmental message is not sponsored by any candidate)?  I kept staring at the cart trying to remember if I actually bought bags or if I just plain forgot but I remembered counting them out and putting them on the conveyor belt.  I bet the lady behind me ended up with them, now I’ll just have to throw all the food loosey-goosey in the trunk…”Mam, are those your bags?”  I turn around to see an elderly Russian couple chasing my grocery bags across the parking lot.  They had blown away (the bags, not the Russian couple).  Another lady was on the ground retrieving one from under her car.  Meanwhile I had been just standing there apparently in a daze.

See there still are nice people on this planet, right here in Minnesota even.  If you just pay attention (or don’t) you will find them.


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