Fire Station Field Trip Take 4

Today was the big field trip to the fire station for Cassie and Callie.  It was the fourth time I have been on the fire station tour and therefore, in a pinch, I am actually qualified to be a firefighter.  I think the girls favorite part was actually riding the bus.  They have been witnessing their siblings getting on buses for their whole life (OK, I know that’s a total of 4 years but that’s a long time for a 4-year-old).  We got the seat right above the wheel in the back so it was a bumpy ride and they loved it.  If you think about it, they are always strapped into their car seats and have very little mobility so the freedom of riding free in a vehicle must have been fun.

I went in to their class early to read, “Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus”.  I wanted to get a stuffed version of the pigeon and bring him along but that didn’t materialize.  I think they were a little too young to make the connection between the funny book and the bus ride to the fire station but maybe by 1st grade they would get it.  Of course had I read the book to Joey’s class (7th grade) and brought a stuffed pigeon on the bus for his field trip I probably would have ruined his social life.  It’s all about timing.

So to compare my two recent field trip experiences (Friday was the Middle School trip to the Festival of Nations) I would have to say the middle schoolers were easier but the preschoolers were more fun because they were so excited.  Some where along the way, in growing up, we learn to hinder our “Oh, WOW look at that!” spirit and replace it with a single head nod acknowledging something is cool.  These preschoolers were still uninhibited and that was refreshing to see.  Both trips were enjoyable and I look forward to when the girls are in 1st grade and I will be freed-up to attend more field trips.  Don’t call me to organize the school bake sale but chaperoning field trips is my deal.


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