“You Need to Kiss Stick”

Cassie and Callie’s bedtime routine includes story time followed by my singing to them (usually show tunes) followed by kisses.  I give them, and the numerous stuffed animals that accompany them to bed, lots of kisses.  If I forget to give Pablo a kiss or Duck then I hear about it.  Yesterday Callie found a stick, about a foot-and-a-half long that has become her new friend.  She has been carrying it around and, yes, she wanted to take it to bed with her.  There was no chapter in my “Your Four-Year-Old” book about allowing your child to take a stick to bed so I went with my instinct which said I would rather let her sleep with the stick than take it away and have her be upset before bed (actually I was just really tired and just wasn’t up for any kind of parenting moment.)  So after I tucked them in sang a song from “Annie” and a song from “Sound of Music” I gave my kisses and tried to walk out.

“You need to kiss Stick!”


I probably should have just kissed the stick but I couldn’t.  That was too much.  “Honey, I’m not going to kiss Stick, he’s kinda dirty.”  I paused for the response.  Would she be OK with that or would I need to put more money away for her future therapy?

“Yeah, he is kinda dirty.  You don’t have to kiss him…goodnight!”



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