Mommy, I Said “Rainbows”

You know how kids always have to “one-up” their brother or sister.  A couple nights ago one of the kids got sent to bed early for being disrespectful and so the other one came down and says, “Mom, I’m going to read my Bible for storytime.” (This was not a normal occurance so it fell in the brown-nosing category.)  Somehow kids must learn this.  I remember Cassie and Callie were having a week of trying out potty talk.  Nothing too bad but literally words like, “poop”, “toilet”, “potty” were being used as everyday nouns.  So I gave them a speech about how we should say nice words like “butterflies”, “bunnies” and “rainbows”.  It continued despite my best efforts (plus I think the experts say you’re supposed to ignore such a thing, however that theory may have changed since I read my last mom-help book.)  One day I overheard the two of them at the table and one of them started a conversation that conviently included the word “poop”.  Out of the blue Cassie yells, “Rainbows!”  I looked up and saw her smiling with a halo over her head, “I not say poop Mom, I say rainbows.”  (See they are listening!!)


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