Carpooling Math

Forget all that algebra and calculus, kids should be taught practical math skills like the following real-life word problem:

It is your turn to carpool for soccer.  You have an 8-passenger mini-van.  You have 6 kids.  You need to pick-up 3 more kids to drive to soccer.

Back in the day you would just load up the Luxury Log (a.k.a. wood-paneled station wagon) with as many kids as would fit, however there are some sort of seat belt laws or something nowadays so here is the correct answer:

Call your daughter’s friend’s mom early in the morning to see if she can give your daughter a ride home from Scouts and keep her ’til you get back.  Call the neighbor girl who babysits to see if she can watch the 2 preschoolers for the hour it will take to round everyone up and deliver them to their destination.  Remove one of the car seats to make room for additional teenager.  Have one son ride with, have one stay home with the sitter and drive other son and his three friends to soccer leaving two seats open for a hitchhiker and his preschool child (still had one car seat in place.)

The plan went off without a hitch (except for the part where the gas light went on, just for fun, before arriving at the game.)

The great part is one of the other parents was able to bring everyone home.

I actually enjoyed math in school so it shouldn’t surprise me that I enjoy figuring this stuff out.  Next year when Cassie and Callie start activities I will really be put to the test.  Bring it!


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